I've got me self a lovely hunk of wood. Its a 5 string Thumb BO Warwick bass, and I love the thing to death.


sadly my neck and shoulders can't take the weight of this beast of a beast anymore. Also i've been getting back into guitar, so I was looking to downgrade a bit on the bass side (obviously not TOO much, like c'mon its bass), and get a nice electric guitar.

This was what i was thinking.

Trade in warwick, get an American made Jazz Bass, and either a huge chunk off of, or an all payed for, American made Stratocaster. My music store is having a sale on the strats right now.

Something else i thought was maybe instead of the JB, get a Musicman Stingray.

Any suggestions? Even as to the guitar?


much love and kisses

even though the Warwick is worth more new, for a trade-in on a used instrument you're not likely to get more than just the Stingray or just the J-bass. If anything, they're going to charge you a bit. It's sad but its true.

I'd play the used market and search for a guitarist going to bass and try to land the right guitar. Or more cash than the store offers.
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Dude... DO NOT TRADE THE WARWICK! GET A PROPER STRAP! Get a bass strap that is at least 3" thick (or 4" if you can) that has special absorbant material, like neoprene or polypropylene. One example is the Planet Waves Padded Comfort Strap. You can get the strap on eBay for about $15 (or $20 and change at a store). My '51 P-Bass RI weighs at least 13lbs, and playing it on a regular 2" guitar strap was unbearable. However, when I bought that strap, it was as if I couldn't feel the bass at all.

There are plenty of 3" or 4" leather straps too! Don't let that beautiful Warwick go!
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