I have decide to do a bunch of covers just to hone my recording and mixing skills aswell as being good practice.This is my second recorded Korn cover and it took me much less time to do than the last one(Here To Stay).And I think its sounds better too.

So What I am looking for is some constructive critizim on all apects of the cover.ie-How was the overall sound/mix?What can I do to improve on future projects.Stuff like that.whatever you may think of.

It's not really about if you like korn or not but I guess it is a bonus if you do.

The song has no vocals recorded.I know that is an important part of the song but the focus is on the insturments.

The biggest problem with the sound will most likely be the drums since they are fake on this track.

If you could listen to both korn covers and compare the two I would appreciate it.

The drums are real on here to stay.

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