So I'm trying to buy a secondhand guitar but the ones within my budget all seem to be 21 frets

So I was just curious as to how limiting a 21 fret electric guitar can be.

I listen to Muse, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Rage Against The Machine and stuff like that so I'm thinking that it can't be that limiting?

What are your thoughts for a suitable guitar for a beginner who doesn't listen to metal?

I found a Mexican made Fender Stratocaster that has been looked after pretty well that I'm really fond of but since I don't understand the mechanics and limitations behind frets I'm not sure if I should purchase it.

I have 3 guitars that I think are pretty good
2 are 21 frets and 1 is 22 frets.

I would also appreciate what you think of these guitars and if they suit my needs.

And bear in mind the prices are in New Zealand dollars.
I think that the US:NZ currencies are at about 1:0.65?
Not sure... Still young so don't know anything about currencies.

And what would you expect the maximum bids for these guitars to be?

Sorry for asking so much, but I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance
get an ibanez. end of story...
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You should be able to find a 22 fret guitar, they don't cost more. I think mainly strats have 21 frets.

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well, stratocasters are classic rock and blues guitars, so you wouldnt want one of them for that music.

Ibanez, says me. Maybe some of their 300-400 dollar trem guitars.
what is your price range? im in australia and i think there isnt much difference in our currency. maybe look at some epi's or ibanez
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first, please please please don't buy a guitar off ebay(or other bidding websites) unless you've acutally played it before and you really want it.. I totally learned from that mistake.. also go cruising around nearby towns and check out some pawnbrokers... im in the middle of paying off a gibson i found there for $950.. you can get some great deals on second hand stuff.. and best of all you can usually put stuff on layby and pay it of gradually
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