what is the preference for strumming fingers or a pick. i can't seem to get the finger strumming down. the upstroke is always rough. any suggestions?
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You should use your pick for strumming, but you can use fingers. I strum in like a flick of the wrist using the middle finger, ring finger and my thumb.
i use two methods for strumming

for a soft tone i use the skin on the side of my thumb on the up and down strokes.

for a brighter tone i flick the strings with my nails using my fingers on the down stroke and thumb on the up stroke. my nails a quite short so there pretty much parallel with the strings when i do this.

experiment and see what feels natural
hope this helps
Just make sure your wrist is loose. If it's rough then you are probably tightening up your wrist. If you're using a pick, I would use a light gauge pick.
sorry to intrude on your thread or whatever but could anyone help me with my strumming?
i ussually use a pick but I'm not sure how loose my wrist should be. i havent been playing long and I could use some help thank's
just keep at it and over time your hand will toughen up and get used to it

to the other guy,

just experiment and go with what feels comfortable i use a combination of wrist and arm movements however most the movement is in my wrist.
yeah I ussually use more arm movement then my wrist.... is that ok? because whenever you watch people play guitar it seems like they have a lot of wrist action goin on lol
It's sort of a combination of the two I find. I have my wrist pretty loose, and move my wrist upwards at the same time as i move my lower arm upwards, same deal for down strokes.

Don't worry too much though. When your new to guitar rhythm is pretty hard and everything feels a bit unnatural. But once you get more used to playing stuff. Things will just start to click into place. You will find your rhythm will improve out of sight and it will be nice and easy to strum. It just takes a little while for you to get comfortable enough with the instrument to actually start progressing with your music.
It's the same as anything... Did you feel comfortable using a computer straight away? how about a bike? learning to write perhaps? I know I didn't. And in all cases it just took some time to get used to the idea and start to get a feel for what your doing. And then after your more or less comfortable you progress with it in terms of technique and knowledge etc etc as opposed to progressing from being out of your comfort zone, to become comfortable enough with what your doing.
this might just be me. but i just kinda strum randomly to my own beats. changing from chord to chord. just make up a beat in your head if you can and just go along with whatever your feeling. basically just practice but have fun with it. dont just think of it as practicing strumming think of it as making your own songs or something and you wont even notice your getting better.
It depends, sometimes I use my fingers to strum, sometimes I use a pick. Sometimes if I have some fingerpicking in my song I will use my fingers throughout the whole thing. But if it's straight strumming I will usually pick up a pick.