it seems like when im trying to strum my guitar my pick gradually moves around in my fingers so by the end of the song its backwards

this forces me to a) adjust in the middle of the song or b) deal with it

so i was wondering if somebody has had this problem before and how to deal with it
Tighter grip, gorilla snot, tortex picks, just a few suggestions. I never had the problem, you may just be strumming at a slightly wrong angle or something.
You might want to try holding the pick differently. A lot of newer players (not calling you a noob or anything) tend to hold the pick with the end of their thumb and index fingers. While this can be more comfortable, aggressive playing will almost always cause the pick to slip.

To correct this, try bending your index finger and resting your thumb against it, with the tip of your thumb against the knuckle of your finger (where it is bent). Now, if you place the pick between your finger and thumb, you'll be able to grip the pick firmly with little effort and it won't slip. In fact, if you're doing it right, the strongest person in the world can't pull it away from you. Naturally, the size of your fingers is relative and some minor adjustments will need to be made.

This might be uncomfortable at first, but your pick will never slip this way. This method also promotes better wrist movement for faster strumming or picking, and doesn't put any unnecessary strain on your fingers. If you do a search around the web you should be able to find pictures or diagrams of this method.

I'm not saying this is the only correct way, but it's a tried and true method used by many of the best guitarists out there.

Good luck, and happy playing!
yeah i get that sometimes but thats not nearly anoying as the pick snapping when u get a bit carried away !

bye bye
thx sparky for the tips it does work but im also trying to find a way where i can switch from strumming and playing riffs and stuff without switching the way im holding the pick
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