hey i heard somewhere that active pickups sound like crap through most solid state amps, so say i had some low end SS amp and ran a schecter hellraiser through it (active 81 and 85) is it really true it would sound horrible compared to a guitar with passives? just a myth? thanks.
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horrible? no. actives could reach their potential through better tube amps i'm sure.
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its not that they sound like crap through SS but they would sound better through a tube amp
ok thanx, so would it make more sense to use passives through an SS amp, or if im planning to upgrade to tube eventually i'll just deal with muddy tone.
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Schecter Omen 6
B-52 At-100 head + 4x12 cab
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I think its internet talk. I have tube amps and one of my guitars has EMGS (which are over rated) and they sound fine. My Brother has a SS amp and passive pups. We have compared this many times. My EMGS sound hotter and more aggressive regaurdless of the amp type. And no, they dont sound like mushy crap in his SS. Both SS and Tube have Preamps which can be over driven with a hot signal. (Overdriven tubes sound better though)
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It's more to do with the fact that a big chunk of the kids wanting to upgrade to EMG's on UG have a decentish guitar and a shit (and invariably SS) amp like a Line 6 spider, MG15 or some random generic 15 watt practice combo. They're under the illusion that EMG's will somehow magically transform their amp into a 5150 or Randall Century - they won't. Lots of metal guitarist's use EMG's, but the EMG's are the last piece of the puzzle in their sound, it's their amp that makes up the bulk of the picture, and you can guarantee that they'd be able to get their sound from their rig with a different guitar.

Pickup upgrades are a waste of money if you have a crap amp, and all the crap amps happen to be solid state. If you have a good amp, whether it's SS or tube you'll hear the improvement. Because of how they're made you can't make a tube amp as cheaply as a solid state one, and the cheapest tube amp will never sound as bad as an equivalent priced SS amp.
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