I just got back from this movie. I thought it was really good, has anyone else seen it?

To start off the discussion I think that the Tremor Brothers were INsane, they were my favorite hitmen even though they were neo-nazis.

EDIT: wrong thread title, I'm really tired so flame all you want have fun.
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Do you mean Smokin' Aces?

If you do theres like 5 threads about this waste of money.

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Sounds gay, I saw the trailer.
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I thought Smokin' Aces was actually a decent movie. The plot was meh, but it was entertaining. You have to admit it looks better than some movies out now, Epic Movie, Ghost Rider (soon to suck), Stomp the Yard, Freedom Writers, ect. Compared to those this movie looks like gold.
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I'm seeing it sunday,sounds awesome.

Alpha Dog was great too,Justin Timberlake actually wasn't as horrible as I thought he would be,hes actually a decent actor.

plus,its based on a true story.
hey guy!
I think it actually looks pretty entertaining. Mabye I'll see it one day when I have money to blow and nothing to do.

But if you haven't seen Children of Men and Pans Laberynth yet, and you go to see Smokin' Aces instead, you should be ashamed.
Children of Men was awesome. Pans Labyrinth isn't my style of movie, so nah on that. Why hasn't anyone mentioned anything about The Departed? Hmm....
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Every time smoking aces got good, like the elevator scene, it would just cut away! I wish it would stick with each thing, it got old. BUT HOLY CRAP ALISHA KEYS WAS SEXXXY!!!!!! HER LEGS RULED!!!
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i think it looks like it should be pretty good.

i'll probably just wait until its out on dvd to rent it though. i dont go to the movies all that often.