im going to the eric clapton concert and it starts in 1 1/2 hours i cant wait

there is no point to this thread
I went to a Clapton concert in 2004 and again this year. The one in 2004 was better because this year Clapton didn't solo as much.
sweet....im gonna go play runescape
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I saw that one on T.V where he had a load of guests. It was great to watch as a guitarist, from a musical point of view, but TBH it looked pretty boring. People were just sat around like "Woah, the bluuuues....."

Hope you enjoy yours tho man


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sweet....im gonna go play runescape

Pff, go get a real RPG

EDIT 2: WTF was this thread doing at the front? His concert was like months ago? Oh well.
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