THAT my friend, looks like something that was in my toilet last night...
Overdrive of the Autobot Transformers G1 Club

Van Halen, October 16th, All-state arena, Section 213 Row A
its suppose to be a guitar but its the dumbest guitar i have ever seen if a guitarist came to try out for my band with that i'd laugh and then beat the shit out of them for even buying that shit HAHAHAHA
Death comes..for us all
its just a matter..of those who fall
death is somber..quietly creeping
am i alive..or just beeing
Satan's Axe?
Gibson X-Plorer Studio Yellow
Orange Tiny Terror
Orange PPC-112 Cab (2 stacked - 1 open backed)
MXR Phase 90
Fulltone OCD
Bc Rich went WAY overboard on this one

Mythical my arse.

specs aren't TOO bad, but i dunno bout the pickups. they scare me.