No riffs are mandatory to know you idiot. Guitar (well, music in general for that matter) is about playing what you want. Not playing some tired old classic rock riff that everyone is sick to death of.

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As above, what songs/riffs is it mandatory to know?

Fermented Offal Discharge. This thread sucks.
Meister der Marionetten
Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.
enter sandman, iron man, smoke on the water
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There aren't any MANDATORY riffs, but there are riffs everyone knows anyway. Mainly Smoke on Teh Water.

Everyone plays it incorrectly though.
Iron man, enter sandman, back in black, smoke on the water, fat lip.
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And lets not forget Crazy Train and Dazed and Confused.
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