anyone else like to watch this show on Discovery Channel?

its crazy. ive actually learned a lot of stuff from it too.

im watching it now actually, and i just saw the guy drinking the liquid out of elephant shit.

and i thought i had seen everything.
i think "survivorman" is better. its also in discovery but he travels alone. the guy in man vs. wild has a camera crew with him
Man, I could totally kick the wild's ass any day... Anyway so this isn't spam; man vs. wild is quite an awesome show.

I agree, "Survivorman" is better. The guy from Man vs. Wild takes to many risks that that you normally wouldn't want to take. For instance running down the side of a mountain or jumping off of a boulder. You could easily break a leg or twist an ankle doing this. Getting injured in the wild doesn't exactly help your chances of survival. Plus Survivorman does everything the other guy does, then add in the fact he's doing it carrying around 70+ pounds of camera equipment and the clear winner is Survivorman.(Plus he's got the cool canadian accent, you got to love it ehh)