I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I was wanting to get a Valvetronix amp (having tested one at the store and enjoying it immensely), and thinking of getting the 50W version (correct me if I'm wrong, butto play over drums the 30 wouldn't be so good). Now there is a JCM900 Combo amp for sale for $550NZD (about $300USD).

So my question is - Will the JCM900 dominate the AD50VT in every way, or just some? My other concern is that the JCM900 is 100W and may annoy the rest of my flatmates to the point that they will throw me out.

Thanks for any help given.

*Edit* Forgot to mention music styles etc. Classic Rock mostly, but really looking for a pretty versatile amp (hence wanting to get a Valvetronix). I haven't tried the JCM, so I'm not too sure about it (it just seems like a deal too good to pass up, considering how nearly everyone rates tube amps higher than SS)
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Get the JCM900 and save for an attenuator, and yes it will own the AD50VT
well of course treagar says get the marshall cause he has 2 of em... but i say get the vox if you want a more versatile amp.
Dude..why do you think he owns 2 marshalls...because marshalls are awesome!

Get the jcm 900...the vox is a good amp...but the jcm900 > vox. Simple as that.
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Just read your edit and I still say the JCM, it's perfect for classic rock, will do metal and blues well but wont have Fender type cleans. And don't be thinking that a 2 channel JCM has just 2 sounds, with some EQing and possibly some pedals later you can make them very versatile.

And bov I like the AD's I was actually going to get one but decided to save a little more for my TSL. JCM's are the real deal, AD's are modelled upon the Marshalls amongst other amps.

EDIT: resale on the JCM will be a lot better too!
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^indeed, voc ac30s rule,

but the valvetronix is lacking, you get versatility but i think it really lacks the response and punch that an ac30, and in this case, a jcm 900 will do for you.

its really up to whatever you feel is more important to you, a jcm 900 with some pedals can get you quite a bit of sounds.

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That's a steal, I'd get the JCM. With a bit of tweaking the EQ you'll be able to get Classic Rock sound out of it anyway
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Cheers for the input guys, I think I'll go for the JCM900. I guess if it doesn't work out I can always sell it for about the same amount as I paid! I also assume in the long run it could be more versatile than the Valvetronix due to a better pedal handling ability (as far as I'm aware anyway)

(And yes, it is a steal, considering the AD50VTs go for about the same price as this JCM is going second hand!)
^ I agree. And the JCM 900 has surprisingly good cleans (at least the head). The other thing I like about it is that the master volume has a really smooth throw to it, so you can get pretty good bedroom-level volumes out of it. The JCM 900 is one of my favorite amps.
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Get the REAL amp, get the JCM 900.

Why buy an emulation when you could have the real thing.

Besides the Marshall isn't likely to shit itself and spend three months in the shop waiting for weird parts that come only from Korg.

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well of course treagar says get the marshall cause he has 2 of em... but i say get the vox if you want a more versatile amp.

why pick "Hybrid" over tube? you wouldnt?

and I found the Vox isnt that good, seems muddy, and not too versitile. I would pick the Cube over it in a flash.

Anyway, yes go for the Jcm 900 you will not regret it man!