How does one go about doing this? I am interested in purchasing a peavy 5150 for some extreme distortion, and keeping my hot rod for the cleans.

Is there a special box that needs to be bought for connection to two amps? Is it footswitchable? Ease of use? Anyone with experince?

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Just an A/B switch, it has one input for your guitar and 2 outputs, one for each amp and to change from one to the other just stomp on it.

EDIT: something like this
if your any good at wiring and you have a electronics outlet store near you,you can make one extremly cheap,theres guides all over the net for them
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Also try an A-B-Y switch they allow you to play one or the other or both..
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A/B, A/B/Y switches are pretty cheap, and they are exactly what you need.

but ya, if you want to takea crack at building your own, they are easy to make, and you can make a fun box for them, booyah,

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The ones with one buffered and one isolated output with a transformer, gold relays and a phase switch are a lot better and quieter than the passive ones. When using two amps together, there can be earth loop problems. Transformers fix that. It's a great idea to splash out on this kinda thing. The Lehle and Tonebone ones are great.
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Yeah that would be one thing for sure, it has to not affect my tone. I hope these things have true bypass.
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There's another method to do this same task which I think works better. I use two Earnie Ball stereo volume/pan pedals. Each side is connected to one of the amps FX loops. I use one pedal to pan from one amp to the other and the second is for volume. I use a line mixer to split the signal from my guitar to the inputs on both amps.

This way you not only do you have smooth ab with no pops but you can mix the two sounds while you play live.

Of course you don't have to use the mixer or FX loops. You can do the same thing with the two pedals infront of the amps but volume pedals function better imo in the loop. That way your gain doesn't change. If your volume pedal is in front of the amp it willl act the same as the volume pot on your guitar.

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i think theres a
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somtin like thad
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behringer makes an a/b switch for like 20 bucks....my stepson uses one and its not bad