So why are u a Accoustic And Classical Guitar player
and not one of those 200000 million who play electric guitar

i'll start

i like the none effected tone of the accoustic and classical classicals give off a nice sound and its very calming even though i listen to like Metal and shit accoustic and classical guitar are way more fun to play for me
For one, I think acoustic has the advantage of being a self contained and ideal campfire instrument. Wouldn't want people tripping over wires when everyone's trying to roast their marshmellows... I mean when somebody falls in you have to re-do your marshmellow and that gets annoying.

....That, and I'm also obsessed with fingerstyle acoustic blues, like Big Bill Broonzy.
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I can't afford an electric yet, dangit!

The only ones I can get are Starts, and I abhor them.

*Apologizes to Start users/lovers*
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I think ALL guitar players should know how to play acoustic. Its the purest form of guitar playing. I know people who can shred on electrics and have been playing for like 4-5 years and cant play an acoustic really,,, kinda sad...

its fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
theres nothing like the sound of an acoustic...plus most all of my idols either are mainly acoustic or started out acoustic-JACK JOHNSON, John Mayer, Justin King, Ben Harper, etc..
I play electric and acoustic...and I can't pick either..

But I like acoustic cuz it feels liek it has more heart to it...electric feels very...fake

and it's easier in that you can bring an acoustic outside...you don't need to plug it in and you dont need an amp...
i'm a girl, but when i picture a romantic song being sung, i don't see an electric guitar being shreaded, an acoustic guitar has alot of soul that i don't see in an electric guitar. (not dissin the electric though). i guess personally i just like the sound of an acoustic better!
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I can pick it up and take it anywhere I want. I don't have to lug an amp around the house with me.
And ever since I was little I have been listening or had people around me listening to really good acoustic stuff. And my cousin has always played acoustic and I am pretty much the 4th brother of that family anyway.
So when I started to play i started on acoustic and thats where I have stayed for the most part. Because I dont need cables or amps or anything and because its jst such a nice natural sort of sound
I'm a couch picker now w/my performing days behind me. Really no more need for amplification. I just sit and quietly pick while the family watches TV now. Sold all my electric guitars several years ago.
But in truth, while I love a screaming electric lead, the acoustic was always my 1st love.
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I find if you can play the acoustic you can play electric but not necessarily vice versa. I play acoustic because thats how most songs were originally written and are in their purest form.
Because it sounds so much more emotional than electric when played correctly, when singing a song I play acoustic, not electric.
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my father played a lot of acoustic so I grew up listening to it and just love the way acoustic music sounds, it's pure, relaxing, and when played right a very beautiful sounding instrument. I still play electric and own 4 of them so I think I'm good to rock the world lol jk I'm not that great yet!