Ok, so i have started singing in a few songs in my band. I can handle songs like most of Nirvana songs, but thats about all. Today i was playing Rape Me by Nirvana and singing, and it worked well, and a few Kings Of Leon songs. I'm not a great singer and im also the guitarist, so i can only play simple stuff when i sing. Anyway, we got ourselves a singer today who only lives around the corner, so he can tackle the harder stuff like Guns N' Roses, Metallica, etc, and i'll do backup vocals if theyre easy.

But, i still do enjoy singing, and i need some good songs to sing which wouldnt be too hard while playing. NO GREENDAY, i hate them. Suggestions.
Horse with no name - America

Basic strumming and easy singing, this is what i used in the beginning to get resonance between the 2.

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The offspring songs need some high vocals to be sung.Try out "Strutter" from KISS or "Smoke on the water".You can also play "Hero" from Nickelback.I don't know but these are the only ones that come in my mind right now.
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First thought: Baba O'Reilly-The Who
Second thought: Depnding on how good you are, anything by Metallica (its not hard).
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