i need a new amp. i play mostly rock with a bit of metal and blues. ive played for about 2 years now. i have about $2000 saved up but don't want to spend it all since i want an acoustic. i live in an apartment and may be going to boarding school soon in which case i will live in a dorm so not too loud. please help me decide i have no idea what i shuld get!
Get headphones and put them inside the amp. Just buy like a Marshall for 1,000 bucks (trust me, you can get those big ass stacker amps with wheels for that), 500 bucks on a blues and metal pedals and the other 500 can go to your new acoustic guitar (however, I like classicals more). Don't blow it all on an amp. You can buy heaphones and plug them in just don't put it too loud or you'll mess up your hearing.
***Remember, your not a major touring artist with sponsors. You're not cool just because you have the most expensive stuff. Also before you blow all the dough on guitar stuff, think about all the food and books you'll need to buy. Also think about the hassle of having all this stuff in a room that you will probably have to share.
that new peavey mini-colossal 5W amp sounds good for this. i know the regular JSX would do all that well.
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for a dorm? roland micro cube

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^ good advice. I wouldn't want anything too nice in a dorm. All kinds of bad things happen in dorms. Microcubes are perfect for that and they are fun little amps.
Fender amp, smaller size, lower wattage. Should be good
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+1 on microcube.
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+1 on Tiny Terror. It might get a little bit on the loud side, since it is tube, but it will do blues and rock very well, and you can switch it down to 7 watts if 15 gets too loud. It may not do your kind of metal, glam is about as far as it goes, but its worth looking at.
Ha! Pretty rare that a guy with a $2000 budget is being recommended the Roland Microcube.

What do you want this amp for? Just for playing in your room, or will you be looking to jam with friends or even join a band in the near future?

I'd spend that budget on something like an Orange Tiny Terror and a quality 1 x 12 cab. Something small, but versatile. You won't get the best out of it in a dorm, as 7W will still be freakin' loud cranked, but "not the best" of a Tiny Terror will probably be a lot better than a Microcube.

If you're really not looking to jam with others at all, but you're looking for awesome tone at reasonable volumes, couple a ZVex Nano head with that 1 x 12.
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