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Well me and my mate got of the bus into town, walked down the road and on the floor just sitting their £20 notes was...£120!!!!! No one was infront of us so we just bent down picked it all up and walked away like...HOLY CRAP!?!?! WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPEND?!?! We went in burger king got somthin to eat and sat in the corner lol and counted it, decided what to do. And yes it was 100% real! My mate was like DUDE!!! LETS KEEP IT!! But i dident want to as its dirty money, it could of been anyones. So we rang my mates dad and he rang my dad lol and they reported it to the police, and if no one claims it by the 28th..we get £60 each which im happy about!!! Im guna buying a new guitar about then as my birthdays on the 21st lol so OMG!! But still this money could of been anyones and thier probely kicking thier self right now...

What would you do if that happend to you or it was a larger amount...

By the way £120 is about $235. And don't go saying its yours lol cause chances are its not.
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You called the police? Retard.
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I hereby dub you the UG's new God of Love. Really. That was brilliant.

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the one called lukef speaks the truth.
I'd keep it.

**** honesty, I need bling.
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i dident call them lol my dad did but i dident want to keep it cause id feel bad for whoever lost it lol
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Nice bum >.> <.<
How can anyone report the money being their? It's cash, you have no way to recgnize to who it belonged. Just take the money and be happy.

Kuddos to you anyways for not wanting to take someone elses money.
<Omri> I love trannys too..
if it was just on the floor you had no reason to call the police as you could not know who the money belonged to.

well done though, but a bit too honest lol.
probably drug money...
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Oh, so your dads a retard, not you. Much better.

And getting out in a burger king? anyone could have seen that and mugged you on way home. People'll do some nasty shit for 120 quid. Get savvy before you get shanked.
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I hereby dub you the UG's new God of Love. Really. That was brilliant.

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the one called lukef speaks the truth.
Well, it was the right hing to do. I would've kept it though..because I dont care about the other person who lost it. They should've kept it in a safer place.
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Good on you, I'd have handed it in too. Mostly because my mother would wonder where the hell £120 came from and scream at me, but some because I would feel bad.
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Why spend £60 on a guitar? That's hardly enough to buy a good one... Unless thats your first guitar lol.

But awesome that you found the money AND were honest!
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Meh, i wouldn't feel guilty, what kind of retard can drop 6 £20 notes and not notice? It's their own fault.
Funny words.
dont call the police what a retard i would have kept it and told my mate go home! we need money us guitarists
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I personally, could go for $235 right about now.
If I found that ammount of money, id probably hand it on, but if it had been 50 quid, id have kept it.

Makes me laugh though is that most of the time any "lost" money goes into the polices petty cash fund to pay for rich tea biscuits and coffee.
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LOL dude you called the police? come on...
id take the money to myself and keep it lol...
How can you feel guilty about keeping money you found on the street? If you saw the person drop the money, or you're in an enclosed area with a few people nearby i.e. a shop, then yes you should obviously ask around to see if anyone had dropped it. However, on a street, you may as well keep it because there's no chance that person is ever getting it back.
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first, please, type in a way which is easier to read. i felt my IQ drop a few points when i read that.

heh, its siggable...but yeah, that was rather annoying to read

but i guess you did the right thing
since it was loose money i'd have kept it because how is any1 going to have evidence it was their money? a wallet i'd have handed in though

either way if they said you'd get the money back, expect it to still be there by the 28th, so enjoy your money.
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You should have took the money, bought a few Spelling and Grammar books and got hammered.
Done and dusted.
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personally i would of kept it but you are a good person for handing it in. obviously if someone claims it its theirs because who is gonna randomly walk into the police station and say theyve lost the exact amount you handed in. hope you get money though thatd be kool
As much as I want to come across as high and mighty, I have to say i'd just keep it. Unless it was in a wallet or something then your not sure the right persons gonna claim it so you may as well split it between you and your mate
I'd get a new wahmmy or a wah....

Uhm... In case you havent noticed 60£ are not enough to buy a proper guitar...
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Dude thats ****ing lucky, i hate you lol.
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hah that goes straight into the pocket. i wouldnt even tell my bro if he didnt see it, except after i picked it up, cuz then its mine.
its not ****ed up, its just the way it is.
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Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why the hell would you clal the cops, thats got to be the stupidest thing i have ever heard. dumb kids, keep it!!!
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Your probably 1 in a million for doing that, God bless you, people like yourself make the world a better place to live
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You dumb ****tard! why the hell didn't you keep it!!!
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You called the police? Retard.

He's retarded because he has a sense of morals?
Threadstarter, I'm glad you had the heart to call the police about it. For that alone I think you deserve to keep it. I'll hope no one claims it for you.
Good on you, I would have reported it to the police too. It's a 'Do as you would be done by' thing. If I had lost £120, I would hope that someone else would hand it in.
The other week my friend left her purse on top of a payphone, and when she went back it was gone, along with the credit cards and seventy quid inside it. It wasn't handed in anywhere, and with the amount of chavs who hang around in the area we wouldnt be surprised if it was all spent on cider from Asda next door. She was gutted, as it was all her Christmas money, which is why I hand shit like that in.
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Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing.
yesterday i found a flash drive with 512 mb. That was way bigger than mine but i gave it to lost and found because she had 20 files on it. I would of taken it if nothing important was on it.
i dnno what i would've done, because thast alot of money and know how it feels to have something lost or stolen (all 89 of my cd's were stolen in 8th grade, i had a rar pearl jam demo :grrr but i found $7 on the school floor and i turned it in, but i got it back. though someone could go claim this and than you're screwed

so on behalf of morals i thank you
but on half of being a human, you suck
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