I've been wanting to replace my stock pickups for some time now, and I am not quite sure which.

I like the idea of a EMG81/EMG85 combo, but I heard Seymour Duncan pickups have passive pickups that are just as great, though I'm not exactly sure which ones they are...

The music I play is mainly metal, ranging from Metallica, to In Flames, to Trivium, to Tool, so hot pick-ups would be great.

edit: My guitar is an Ibanez RG170DX, my amp is a Marshal AVT 50.

I want some hot pickups for lead guitar in a metal band. Something along the lines of Trivium.


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Pickup choice depends on your currnet guitar and amp, and also what you're trying to achieve so spill!
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Personally I am getting the EMG 81/85 setup when I get the money saved up in a few weeks. It would easily beat the Seymour Duncans, my guitar instructor has both and the guitars with the EMGs sound much better.
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