I've been playing for about two years now, and never had this feeling in my picking hand wrist before, although lately I've started experimenting with various techniques and playing a bit more actively.

Anyway, my picking hand wrist gets a bit numb when playing. It doesn't hurt at all, but it feels weird, as if it's unnatural. I can play as fast as I used to, but because it's a bit numb I lose feeling of when I pick the string and when I switch from one string to another. The feeling doesn't go away about 6 hours after I quit playing.

Because I like to "feel" every note when playing, this is very frustrating, and just after an hour of playing like this, I stop, and the state of my mind is very chaotic, because I don't know what to do.

What is this about and has anyone had similiar experiences? I would appreciate advice.
Sounds like like you need to see a doctor or something man, it sounds like a trapped nerve.
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But shouldn't a trapped nerve hurt as hell (as far as I've read, a trapped nerve should be a case of carpal tunnel)? The problem seems to be my wrist only. My fingers on the picking hand don't seem to be numb at all and are functioning as usual. My hand doesn't even tingle.

Anyway, I've decided to stop playing for a few days, to see if things would improve.
Could be the early stages of carpal tunnel, if in doubt see a doctor.
Quote by FuryFart
But shouldn't a trapped nerve hurt as hell

Not necessarily. It can tingle or burn, but it can also initially present with numbness.