Hey all, in a ska band. I have my clean ska sound, now I need my distortion. I mean, you could say "Go to the store and try some out buddy." Yeah, but any suggestions or is this something I just have to feel out? Were aiming toward a Reel Big Fish sound also...
Well, RBF used JCM900's when I saw them live last summer. Dunno if that's what they use in the studio
Well yeah, but thats not there distortion, I'm pretty sure that theres an actual pedal. I'm also pretty sure that the JCM is used for the clean channel with them.

There's no specific pedal you can get so don't beat yourself up trying to find the BOSS SK-1 Ska-ifier. Just crank a tube amp, stick an OD pedal inf ront of it if necessary and EQ it properly.
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