Is there any easy way to write a tab and make it look good? What I'm doing right now, is just copying tabs from other bands, and deleting the notes, and then putting my own notes in.

And how can you tell if all the lines have the same amount of numbers and -'s?

I've never made a tab before, and it's just kinda frusterating, is there some kind of program or something that you can download to write a tab?
Do you have a link to where I can dowload it, or is it on the home page of Ultimate-Guitar?
search a P2P program or a torrent site for the entire program and not a fruity trial
If you're just starting you might get frustrated with guitar pro/powertab. Just open up notepad (or wordpad on Mac I think it is) and copy and paste this in....


and then repeat it. Notepad uses a font that keeps all the symbols the same size so you can see easily where you are putting the notes in with it. Also saves all the effort you have to put into guitar pro/powertab.
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