NO QUESTION. ENGL's can give the cutting tones needed for my Neo-classical, Metal etc... also a good blues tone. But can it give me a really good mellow, clean bassy sound for jazz? Not fusion Jazz BTW... Trad Jazz like Wes Montgomery. I've been given a few options for amps and i need an amp that i can use for all my gigs, session work etc etc... Is it THAT versatile? I can't try it out cause we're ordering... None in the music stores (Here, duh).
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want a versatile amp.

Hughes and Kettner TriAmp.
if thats to expensive, go for the:
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My friend has the ENGL SE, and he has no problem getting jazz sounds out of it, that thing is so versatile...

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So it's not just for heavy stuff?
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Well I have an ENGL sovereign, and the clean channel is absolutely amazing (a tip, best tone comes from cranking the preamp volume and gain, then backing off the master and the volume on your guitar). However, I've found the best jazz tone you can get comes from plugging directly into the PA w/ a DI box or using one of those transparent jazz amps such as the Roland Jazz Chorus.
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Wow...... I thought it was the other way around.... high power amp gain and low pre amp gain........?
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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I've heard of the great cleans ENGLs can get. But if you really want a great Jazz sound, look at a Roland Jazz Chorus.
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The Screamer i tried had great cleans, should be able to get a good jazz tone!
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if you know what to dial into the EQ, you can get any tone you want.
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Q about tube amps:
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