I'm going there today. I'm planning on trying out some wahs and OD pedals. I am not a very good guitarist. I concider my musical aptitude good, and I think I have some nice licks and a decent improvisational capability, but I basically just play blues, and my chops are rather uninspiring. Anywho, I'm wondering, if I bring my guitar into the store to try out some gear, will I look like a total moron? Honestly, because, here in Detroit, when I see some old black bluesman come in with his old guitar, I think, 'Badass', but the people who bring their guitars with them are usually very good... You see my dilemma. Honestly, what would you think if you saw some kid with his Strat playing some tired blues licks? I don't want to look like a fool, especially since I only have $15 and won't be buying anything pricy today. The guitars at the store generally play like crap. Thanks...
^ I know. I lack confidence. I just want to know how often shitty guitarists bring their instruments to Guitar Center to try out pedals when they know they can't yet afford them.
#1, the only thing you can buy for 15$ there is a set of picks, one set of strings, a shitty cable, or a piece of crap Fab pedal.
#2 use one of the guitars in the store, because i guarentee you they have your guitar exactly
#3 +1 to noahray
you know what man i used to have a huge lack of confidence in that realm. its just one of those things were you cant care what the other people say, screw them, you will never see them again. just bring it in. if you dont want to attract to much attention to yourself dont crank the bloody amp and drown everybody out like some aholes at GC. just go in and play and do your thing
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They don't have my guitar. I used to see Fender American Deluxe Ash Strats, but I don't anymore. Regardless, they aren't set up like mine. They have the floating trem stuck to the body, and tinny, thin strings. The action is usually ****ed.

I'll just use one of theirs, though.
i would think: "cool! a kid who does something more than shred pointles crap all day!"
Oh Shit!
I once asked this dude to let me try the `58 Gibson. Didn't let me touch it.
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^ LOLOLOL. When I was more of a guitar noob, me and my friend, a cellist (who likes fancy things), were at some guitar center in D/FW. We walked into the glass acoustic room, and there was this ~15K 1930's Martin acoustic. We asked a worker there, 'Can we touch it?' He was like, 'No way', but he was joking. Before long I was playing it. That guitar sounded like shit LOL

EDIT: 5K< guitars always let me down.
Are you under 18? Were you with a parent?

If you answered Yes and then No, of course not. They aren't going to give you a 58' if they know you can't pay for it. If your parents are there, they are automatically responsible, and will have to pay for it if you **** it up. If they aren't there, and you **** it up, they can't really do anything because you're a minor.
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