After playing guitar for 3 years, and thinking about playing bass, i was wondering if its bad for my guitar amp if i play my bass on it untill i get a bass amp?
I'm pretty sure it can damage your amp, I wouldn't do it.

But you might want to wait for someone to reply thats more sure then me.
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yes it is bad for your amp and especially for your speaker, both are made for different frequencies, if you plug a bass into a guitar amp and you crank the volume, you're going to screw your speaker because you're pushing it too it's limits
Heh. I've got a crappy Epiphone guitar amp... came with this "starter package" when I picked up my first guitar a few years back. I think it may be like a 10W amp? Who knows... but. I got a bass a couple years later and for the hell of it, I plugged it into that guitar amp. It makes my bass sound like a lower guitar... and I'm odd, so fooling around like this amuses me. Killed my amp? Hell no. My little amp is still alive and kicking. I've turned all the knobs all the way up on the bass and the amp. Loud; ear killing; but no problems.

If you've got an expensive amp, I'd go with what others say; just don't do it. But this amp is like ... small, and junk. But it has yet to explode on me. So until it does, I am going to ride it to its limit. Because it sounds neat.
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