Where I live (west michigan) we're having a huge blizzard right now. Pretty much everything last night and today are cancelled. Luckily, the power hasn't gone out yet...

The worst part of it is that I'm going out in it in about 15 minutes to go jam with another guitar player at his house which is usually 20 minutes away... with white-out conditions, it's going to be pretty bad.
If you've lived here in the Midwest for awhile, you probably have heard of this thing we do up here called "staying out of the blizzard at risk of death." Try it sometime.
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Try having to go back to school 2 days after graduation for the days you missed because of snow.
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dont drive like a moron. when you can, keep your momentum and be very very gentle on the brakes. do not gas or brake around a corner. take it slow. were you looking for advice?
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yeeaahh, i think you may want to rethink going to jam with some guy.
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Well, i wasn't really looking for advice on driving, because my friend's parents were going to pick me up. We just called them and called it off (luckily...). I'm glad I don't have to go out in it now.

I have lived in the Midwest all my life, btw.
Sounds like the beginning of a horror film...
Whatever you do, don't let anyone in, not even your own grandma who might freeze to death otherwise!
Yea Ohio is supposed to get it tommorow night and into Monday. Hopefully it blizzards like it 's doing up there


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lucky, you'll probably get school closing if it doesn't weaken going across that much land...