I've got about $350 to spend (birthday money) and was looking to do something to my RG, because, I love it to death. Only downside is, the trem sucks. Do you guys think buying a new trem is worth it?
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may wanna check with someone if it'll fit, if it does, DO IT.
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If you love how the guitar plays and how the neck feels, then yeah. If i were you i'd just save that until i got a decent MIJ RG or 2nd hand ones.
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i like ibanez but, with that one you just should change thwe entire hardware. p-ups, floyd as well as tuners pods and maybe get it set-up again. the floyds come in different dimensions so there should be one that fits. however, since it's a low-end guitar the holes might be drilled wrong so the floyd would be out of place thus forcing you the drill of a part of the body. just get it to a tech and listen what he has to say about it.
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