...good single coil.

I'm planning on buying some DiMarzio pickups; Air Norton in the neck and D-Sonic in the bridge.


I need a new middle single coil. Doesn't matter what brand.

I don't want something that will sound like a humbucker, but I don't really want any sort of twangy sound either. I like the sound of strat pickups, but I might want a little more thickness and warmth. I like percussive sounding single coils. most of the time I'll be using this pickups fo cleans, but I wouldn't mind getting a nice smooth distortion out of it.

Any suggestions?
my band is here ------> myspace.com/weareattica
are there any with a little more output? like I said, not humbucker output, but just a little more balanced?
my band is here ------> myspace.com/weareattica