ok, ive been playing over a year now and i want to be able to create my own music,like with solos and stuff. only problem is im not sure were to start or how. any suggestions?
personaly i just kidna play power chords that sound cool together. im totally knew at thistoo. but next year im basing my entire school schedule around music so that'll help. so will lessons but im too stupid to get them
take lessons, learn music theory, and listen to a lot of music for inspiration. just play a lot and songs will come to you. dont just play power chords like the reply above me

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You will this answer. But you must do what it says. Do it... Do it.

Learn Theory
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Ya Learn theory....But in my opinion don't get ant major lessons....If you want to create your own style and make really great music, you dont want to be tought somone else's style. The best Guitarst, bassist, and drumers that I know personally have never had lessons, same with me I never had alesson In my life. But Theory will help alot. and listen to all types of music.......
i often just put on some delay and jam with myself, sometimes sticking to the chords of the key with extensions (m7, 7#9, sus4 etc); but often i'll just slide shapes around the neck, hammering on notes that sound good, kind of like pitch axis

then for soloing use scales that fit the chord your playing over, mainly pentatonics, a few modes ... so yeah you could definitly do with learning theory
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constantly listen to music or hum to yourself. then work your way to translate that sound to the guitar. once you've got the ear and imagination done then theory becomes a cakewalk.
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I'll try giving you a couple things...
1. Lay a good foundation of musical theory
2. Memorize scales (first ones Major, Minor, Pentatonic Minor)
3. Learn other peoples songs and try to understand how they are written and how you can learn and borrow from their work
4. Fool around
5. Jam with people
What I do is play a few chords and find something that sounds good. Then I write lyrics for that and mix it up. Its good to have theory to know what chords belong together as well. From there you would know what key you are in so that you can make up a solo if you think it needs a solo. Not every song does eh. Then if you want create an intro and an outro. Once you get used to writing it will all come naturally and it doesnt always have to be in that order either. Sometimes you can just write a poem then fit chords to it. Just experiment.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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