right... i bought a mahogony sg body a while ago for my project, i am planning to buy parts for an sg i.e neck body pickups trem electronics etc etc and i have the body and when i get money i will be buying everything else..
i want it to end up like this....

i came up with it about a year ago, i am thinking of using decal for the bullseye as you can buy them on ebay but they are designed for les pauls and am wondering if it will be possible to get these to fit sgs?

and also how much will it cost to get the body and neck painted? or could it be better getting someone like my dad to paint it and how would i go about that?

any help appreciated
If your dad knows how to paint let him.I would paint the bullseye rather than use decals
yeah cause if the paint is messed up the guitar is ruined. well i know it could be fixed but it would still mean spending money on the stuff and the time etc.

how much would it cost to paint myself (well dad or someone along those lines) and what materials would be needed.

and how much are professionals and wheres best place to go?
You can always have your dad help you. It'll be more fun than paying a pro. If you're patient and not a spaz, you can actually or be able to do a good job. For straight refinishing how to, check out

ReRanch 101 - Finishing Basics.

You can also go to

Project Guitar Tutorials
for refinishing and other stuff.

If you mess up, you can always let it dry, sand again, etc. It'll be worth it. Paint is so cheap.

Good Luck!