Finding an angel (from behind eyes of a devil)

(Male singer)

Broken windows,
Broken bones,
Yet my pain I cannot show,
Should my God be in this place?

Which season,
I don?t know,
Is it time to let me go?
And will my God be in that place

With her?

So here it goes,
These heavy stones,
Tied to legs above the cold,
Blackened water, dyed by my soul

I died by her stone?

(Female singer)

Wake up, sinner please,
Rise back onto your knees,
Staccato breath,
I could think of less,
A saviour we all need

Liberatet tu te me, ex inferis

But save yourself?.

Liberatet tu te me, ex tuinferis

Save yourself from your own hell

STORY: This part of the story concerns the point in time when Sindri has just massacred the two armies, and has passed out again. This time, an angel comes to him. The male vocals are Sindri?s thoughts as he drifts between consciousness and dreaming. He?s thinking about his dying wife, Luthia, and just wants to die where he is, so they can be together again. However, God has other plans. He sends down an angel into Sindri?s subconscious (female vocals), and tells him to awaken, and that he is needed as a saviour, and to stop his self doubting. This is part 1 of a trilogy of songs, detailing what Sindri is shown when he is in his otherworld.

I?m not 100% sure about the Latin, but the key words and word order are correct.

To view my other songs in this series, and therefore getting a better idea of the story, check out the threads I've started by clicking on me name and navigating from there...

The order is:

Chapter One: Aftermath
The Desolate
The Horror

and now: Finding an Angel (From Behind Eyes of a Devil)

next part: Insurrection will be on here shortly
Wow, hell of a story you've got behind that one there.

Some very nice lyrics in there, I like the contrast between the male and the female and their points of view very good.

How long have you been writing mate because your good. Good to see another english writer here on UG
why thank you If you want to get the rest of the story, the songs are in order in my sig now, to make it easier for those interested in checking it out.

I've been writing for about 4 years now, but only recently (about a year ago) I started venturing into the relam of progressive writings. I was sitting on this story for a while before that, and after discovering Queensryche, decided that writing a concept album about it would be awesome... too bad Coheed & Cambria did the same thing, lol, many people have been drawing comparisons with that band

Thanks for the crit, it's gives me the encouragement to continue with the story, cos it is very much a labour of love at times.
i really like the lyrics, especially the little latin? bit at the end. this song is great. id give it a 10/10, i cant find anything wrong with it.

- Faisal
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its got a great story line, just like in the first chapter. the latin part works well. including also a female in there, just pure genius. 10/10
keep the pages turning, bro!
First of all, thanks for the crit. I really appreciate it. Let me say, I think it's pretty cool how you divide the lyrics between male and female. I really like the story you have going on here. I think its pretty cool fro lack of a better word. Anyways, I'm sorry I couldn't give you a proper crit, but there isn't anything wrong with this. It's just excellent and I'm looking forward to reading more from you.