heres my first atempt at thrash metal writing.tell me if its good or complete crap.its not complete though i got an intro,pre-verse,verse,pre-chorus,chorus.

you have to look for the little text saying what part of the song it is.

if it dosnt work this is only my second tim trying to post a powertab in a post so...
my song 2.zip
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Okay, Im downloading powertab right now...Done.

K, nice little acoustic/clean intro you have. I like the power chords, but dont like the single notes at the end. The song basically repeats itself onward. The chorus (I think, the part after where it says pre-chorus), is a break from the chord whoring, but is a bit slow for thrash. Idk, maybe MIDI just makes it sound bad. It's good for a first attempt, but needs work.


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thanks man.if i can ever get my computer speakers to work or my guitar skills good enough ill crit it.sorry.ill try and work on my speakers some

*readys scalpel*
The riffs were good, part slayer part metallica. and the idea is good. If you can get a good solo in there and get a song structure together i think it could be a damn good song

Good job 8/10
it was pretty good. a little disorganized and some of the riffs seem like they could use more attention. for a first attempt it was ok

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Didn't like it a lot... . The intro reminded too much of sanitarium, and the other riffs were too "master of puppets-like". It just sounds kind of uninspired (it's your first attempt I know, but still...), that's all I can say... . I feel really bad saying this, but I wouldn't make a complete song out of this, it would probably just end up being an ripoff... . Sorry man...

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ok thanks ill get a better one next time.
i made this up on my computer before i even played it on my guitar so....ya.
Eh, it was alright. Nothing great, but it wasn't terrible either. But, I have to agree with everyone else, it does sound like a Metallica rip-off. But, it was still decent for a first time. 6/10.

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