So, i used to use Firefox but for the past few months i've been forced to use netscape as i can't sign in to anything with firefox, or IE. For example, if i try to sign in to UG it just refreshes the page, as with hotmail, or myspace. Has anyone got any idea how to solve this problem?


I've tried deleting all firefox files and re-installing but its no good.
try restorin your computer to when it was working properly, or get new security thing, and completely get rid of the other two, or try it without security
Uninstall Firefox, and delete the Mozilla Firefox folder under Program Files. Then try and re-install it, or/and try emptying your cookies folder (Tools-->Options-->Privacy Tab-->Click on 'Clear Now' under the Private Data section and make sure Cookies is ticked-->Click 'Clear Private Data Now')
All right, empty out your cookies, and start all the form saving over again. Not sure if it'll work, but's worth a shot.
Tools > Options > Privacy and then click on "Accept cookies from sites"
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