Ok. I'm thinking about getting a krankenstein dimebag series head and I was wondering if it's good enough to drive across the state to try and buy it. I play alot of types of metal (Nu, Death, Black, Thrash) and hardcore. Comments?
ig youre looking for that original dimebag tone then stay away for the krank signature instead opt for the randall warhead amp, this is what dime used for most of his career
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if you're looking for a good metal tone then look at some of these...

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I've just saw your sig...
and you've already have a good amp... (IE Line 6 Vetta II)
it's worth driving across the state if it lets you try it before purchasing... you'll save the purchase price minus petrol/gasoline, and you'll also get a free laugh.
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I played the Krankenstein at Guitar center the other day. Soeone traded in a purple colored one, Yuck!

The tone was very sterile and harsh. Kinda pantera-ish (i'm not a big fan of dime's tone, although I do like pantera's music) but I certainly would not pay what Krank is asking for this head. I have heard better sounding modeling amps than the krank-en-crap.

On a side note, the Revolution one head is not all that bad. If you are looking for a high-gain all metal sound, it works nicely if you can find a used one. I dont think it is worth the $1600 price that Krank charges, but used at around $1000 it's not a bad amp.
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