Does anyone have any idea how tom morello makes his guitar sound like a turntable?
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If you mean in Bulls on Parade it's just rubbing your right hand on the strings while using your left hand on a toggle switch setup as a kill switch. You'll need a guitar with seperate volume knobs. Turn the neck to 0 and the bridge to 10. Then you'll effectively have a switch in which one position is "on" and one is "off". When you toggle that while rubbing your hand along the strings (use a decent amount of gain too) you'll get that turntable sound. Experiment with it until you get it right.
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If you have microphonic pickups...

You can get a vaguely similar sound running your right hand up and down the string, and using your left hand over the strings.

Does that make sense?

Not particularly...
But I guess...
Cross your arms so that your right hand is on the fretboard. with your palm closest the body of the guitar.
And your left hand is going across the strings above the pickups, palm down and closest to your body.

Now move them around...

Just try it, okay. Sounded vaguely similar to me, but your mileage may vary.
or you could just get a kill switch...
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If you want a kill switch, get a killswitch.

if not, don't.

Don't think you have to get one just to see if you can make the sound with it.