I want to change the 12'' speaker in my Fender amp and I need someone to give me an idea of how powerful of a speaker I need. I have no idea. My amp has a 60 watt output and I don't want an ass load of speaker distortion, but if I get too powerful of a speaker, maybe it won't distort at all. Is speaker distortion good? Maybe I dont want any at all. If anybody has any advice, I need it!
Your most likely not getting any speaker distortion unless you're playing your amp very loud, your getting preamp distortion.

As for the speakers, the best thing to do would be to match the wattage as close to your amp as possible. If you get speakers that are rated for a higher wattage than your amplifier, they can "ask" for too much power from your amp and fry it. If your speakers are rated lower than your amp, you could blow the speakers, but only when your playing really loud, and even then you'll have plenty of warning before you actually damage your speakers because they'll start to make a farting sound. If they start to fart, turn your amp down. Even if you do blow them, speakers (well, most) are cheaper than a new amp.

Like I said, try to match the wattage as close as possible, but if you cant, it's probably better to have speakers rated for a slightly lower wattage than your amp instead of vice versa.
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