I dreamed of buying my 72 teleThin for roughly 2 years. It took me forever to find a store that could get it to me reasonably quick, i had ordered it from firehouse guitars, they said it was on there way. they lied, fender didn't even have one, they had to make one from scratch. strike one.

i finally got it a month and a half after ordering it.

2 days after ownership the pickup switch knob randomly fell off, strike two.

about a month after that i was playing with some friends. went down to plug amp in, while grasping lower neck in case of any un-wanted strap problems. strap falls off, i already have a grasp on the neck but it was strong/enough and i wasn't quick enough to comprehend. butt of the guitar smashes groudn....




i tried to get the best pictures i could.
the finish is completly gone. and theres a small crack in the wood.

does anyone know how much it will cost.
when getting repaired will the whole finish have to be taken off? or can u just fix certain spots.
and, does anyone know of a good world wide chain of stores that works on comsmetics of guitars.

and. its been about a month since that, and a few days ago, the tone knob fell off. strike 3. fender is good, but between the pickup switch and the tone knob, my respect has definatly gone down.

u may be thinking i'm just some careless teenager who takes a crappy job of caring for his guitar. i treat her like my baby. concerning the crack i did all i could in trying to stop it, i could not have stopped it.

please. any suggestions would be awesome. and thank u for taking your time to read all of this, greatly appreciated.
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Can't help you but one time I was performing at a hockey game and the carpet I was standing on slipped out from under me and I hit my guitar on the ice. I was extremely pissed. Also it was in front of so many people... It was the most emberassing monent of my life. Luckily It only took out a small portion of the finish. I would suggest buying plastic based paint but I don't know if it will work. I haven't been brave enough to try it on my guitar.
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So I can get it out of the away - Why did you even buy it after strike 1?

I have no idea how much it'll cost, probably another rip if you went to the same seller.

As far as the crack in the wood, epoxy from a home supply store will take care of it. You'd probably have to use a syringe to get it between the wood if it's a teeny tiny crack. You'll have to get it completely dry before sanding and tackling the other paint fixes.

Read up on ReRanch 101 - Finishing Basics to get an idea of what's involved. With patience and better than average understanding of the tutorial, you should be able to do the job.

Also, there are lots of luthiers and pros and semi-pros here and they can provide guidance ... or PM them directly: AlgeeEater, Callum, Ormsby, LuthierofTX, 12stringtex, dave293 etc. (apologies to those I missed)
hmm id try to just refinish that spot with the sunbursting aerosauls on reranch and if that doesnt work refinish the whole thing
Cracks give guitars character, but if you feel differently, its gonna be a pain in the ass to refinish.
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erm.. Waranty doesn't cover damage you inflict..

It doesn't look like something easily fixable, especially if you haven't done it before. I'd suggest to bring it to ANOTHER store or even better, a Luthier, and if you can, check out a few of them. They'll have good advice for you.
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Leave it, unless you have the finish that chipped off from the blemish.
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Super glue is your friend. It'll help with the switch cap. Call fender tell 'em to send you a new one. Add a dab when you stick it on. It'll help hold and is weak enough to come off when the switch needs replaced. The knob needs tightened back on. Sorry, it's a maintenance thing.

The damage can be touched up. Get it to your luthier before dirt and mung makes it harder. Or, just know that you can stop worrying about getting the first ding.

Oh, get some straplocks.