I bought the Bass Guitar For Dummies book and played around with a few of their lines and stuff. Now what? How do I practice more?

Learn scales or what?
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Man, you even got the melody right. +1000000 points.

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learn scales and modes.
master your fretboard.
work on speed and endurance.
learn jazz. (hell, that could take a lifetime.)

theres always something to practice.
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um learn your favorite songs get into theory (that should drive you mad) learn some bass soloing, slapping, bass tapping make your own stuff. just play
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Learning guitar or bass out of the book isn't necessairly the best method. It can help teach you the proper technique and some tricks, but the best method is just practicing. Just pick a couple of songs that are just over what you can do and practice hard. Play them 20-30-40 times if you have to until you get it. A teacher can be the best thing for theory, books can't always explain it in the right way either. But as for scales, use them to warm up and improve speed and accuracy. Play the major scale over and over again until you can do it really fast and accurately and you should see an improvement in your playing.