I have recorded a song using Audacity and started to record some tracks after about half way through. The problem is that I have about 10 seconds at the start of the recording of just silence and I can't just delete this because I wouldn't be deleting that much of tracks I recorded later on, meaning that everything would be out of place.

Is there a way of getting rid of this silence without messing up the position of all my tracks?

Hope that made sense and thanks for your help!
Ooh I just had an idea! I could export the whole track as an mp3 and then import it back into Audacity and then trim off the silence at the start!
you need to record like, from the beginning, or move it back, i was trying to sign a part over my instrumental stuff, and i had to just leave the mic on even while i wasnt singing anything or that would happen...also, anyoen have previous tracks 'leaking' onto tracks you record after? i can just silence it, but it can cause weird sounds...
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