i have decided to finally change my amp.... in a couple of months. so i was wondering which would suit me better. A marshall jcm 800 or 900 or a peavey 5150 head. I play metallica, megadeth, pantera and trivium. Which would suit me best. comments please, however i would only like opinions from people who have tried or heard the amp in person, no comments such as 'i've heard that...'
anyway, thanks in advance
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I'd say the 5150 is a tad more versatile, considering you have more gain on tap and you can dial in the particular sound you're going for. That being said, marshalls have a different sound that might be what you're after. Just going from my experience, a 5150 on the crunch channel with an overdrive has a great rhythm sound, and you can switch to the lead channel for a little bit more gain for solos.
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Theyre all completely different. I would skip the 800 in your case. It may not have enough gain for you without an OD pedal. And using an OD pedal gets annoying, IMO.

So, between the JCM900 and the 5150....

Cant choose that one for you, youll have to try em both.
for megadeth, old metallica and newer trivium, a marshall.

for AJFA and later metallica, ascendency-era trivium and pantera, the 5150.

However, peaveys are pretty darn expensive for what they are this side of the pond. By all means try one, and if you like it buy it, but make sure you try everything you can.

Have you tried any engls, perchance?

(*awards one bonus point for use of "perchance"*)
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