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do you have it really low or high, which is easiest?

i want to have it lower but its harder for me too player complicated stuff, should i just keep practsiing?
I rarely ever stand up with my guitar, but when I do, it's about average height. I really don't see what's cool about wearing it really low; it just hinders your playing and you look like a chode.
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The highest setting on my strap. Its one of those with three preset holes. I would like it higher, though.
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i have mine high... i like it high, when you play a solo or somthing, its much easier too gain better accuracy with hitting the note, for me anyways..
low, hetfield style
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never let height compromise your playing. mines pretty low tho
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pretty high up... don't wear it low because that's cool... it makes you look like a tool
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Mines about average in the middle, a little on the low side.. i can't stand playing with it low, i guess im just not used to it.. harder to play some songs adn what not
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Mine's low. If I raise it at all, the top of it brushes against my stomach, and it bugs me, and I find it extremely uncomfortable. I recently raised it one notch to help, and seems to have helped as well, but it's still pretty low. If I jumped up and let the guitar go down by itself, I'd sack myself with the bottom cutaway.
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Yeah, I guess I'd rather look gay and play well than to look "cool" and totally suck. High is good sometimes.
i rarely play standing up, but when i do its pretty high.

i play guitar hero with the strap as long as it goes
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High for six string.Slightly lower for seven string and really low for Five string bass.I play it pretty much like an upright at times.
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pretty low, i always keep my guitar low (even accoustic) because... hmm... it looks cool? you know, if i can't play good, i least should look cool but seriously, i like that style, i can move, jump or doing what i only want just feel free
Pretty high, but I have a Hollow-Electric, so I don't have much choice I play all guitars pretty high though
I have it where it's the most comfortable to play.

No point making things difficult for yourself just to look "cool".
Higher. you look hard core. Anyone can play a guitar low and look cool, it takes a hardass to play it high and look cool.
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the one called lukef speaks the truth.
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Happens to the best of us. Hang your head high and be true to yourself.

Not when you are playing for your granmother.
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Not when you are playing for your granmother.

O_o thats pretty different. Maybe it happens to the worst and sickest of us then.
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Not when you are playing for your granmother.

can you say...AWKWARD?

i play it either slightly low or moderately low, either the cutout touching my mid-innder-thigh or just above mah knee. sometimes uncomfortable, but i feel like an ass with it at me 'pits
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Same here.
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I have mine in the middle, right around my belt buckle... people who wear it any lower are generally huge tools.
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Low. Low is badass.

I play bass down by my knees. I'm so badass. I play guitar high up though. Helps alot.
Just so the top of my guitar is just under my ribs
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6 string bass I prefer playing higher, because having the C string opens up so much melodic stuff that I'd like to be able to reach, but 4 string the lower the better, and 5 a bit higher but not as high as 6.
I have mine in the middle
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