I have Toneport and Cubase hooked up and installed, and I have Cubase recording the guitar inputs onto Toneport, but can only see the sound.. and not hear it via the PC.

I know I could plug the speakers or headphones direct into Toneport, but does anyone know something I'm not seeing in Cubase to get the sound out the speakers?
Thanks for any help on the matter!
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Thanks. It's a useful article..but I think my flow of stuff is ok, I just can't seem to pin point where in Cubase I should be altering outputs/settings to have Toneports sound come out the speakers.
you need to export your music as a .wav or an mp3 file then you can play it and hear it through your computer speakers. If you want to hear the stuff in cubase while you are recording it, you need monitors. (ie, headphones or speakers hooked up to the toneport)

The way you export is you click on File, then export, then click on audio mixdown. Choose your file name, file type and sample rate. Be advised though, you can only save as an mp3 about 10 times or for the first month that you have cubase. After that, if you want to have unlimited mp3 file saves, you need to buy the patch for 10 bucks at steinbergs website.

This is all assuming you have Cubase LE. I am not familiar with the other versions.

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