my locking nut wont lock the low E but A locks.. i dont get why, i set it tight as tight as possible. but still the low e wont lock, im still able to mess with the tuning knobs although the locking nut is tight. can simbody help me
Try inverting the saddly bit that goes over the A and E strings by rotating it 180 degrees, or swapping it with one of the other two...some wank at the factory mighta screwed them on the wrong way.
I have the same problem except it's the opposite strings. For me E and A lock but not DGBe won't.
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The thing that locks it down could be worn out, especially if its a LFR or something.
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yeah, like mentioned, make sure the locking pads are aligned correctly on the nut. You can see it pretty easily, one alignment has 2 flat parts that press on the string, where aligned the other way, there is a bow in the middle. Also make sure the string retainer above the locking nut is low enough where it's causing the strings to angle down after the nut.
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