Alright as the title says I would like to play bass. But first I wanna find a cheap bass to start out with. Also If you know any sites that could help me along with learning it that would be cool. I currently play electric guitar but I would like to leanr bass seeing as there are to many ppl in my area who play electric guitar. All help appreciated.
what types of music?
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u can get like squier packs and stuff. try second hand...
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I wouldnt go for a starter pack. Sure they are squier, but the squiers that are not in starter packs are better quality. They are a tiny bit more expensive, and sometimes not even. I have a squier bass that I play (Im usually a guitar player though) and its built like a rock. So when you are buying, make sure to try ALL of them out to find the diamond in the rough. Some guitars are just built better than others. And for a website, this should be the place. It has all the lessons on it. Maybe not on technique, but you should buy a book for that.
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Well see Im leaning more towards a starter pack only bc I am low on money, and am just starting so I need a amp. Now when Im actually playing better after awhile I will def get a better bass. But in the begining I really dont care if its the best quality.