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I'm having loads of different music phases at the moment, with different bands.

Afew weeks ago it was a Tool, Incubus and At the drive-in kinda phase

At the moment, i can't stop listening to JOHN FRUSCIANTE, Rage agaisnt the machine, and Queens of the Stoneage.

You going through any random phases?

All I've listened to in the past 6 days is blues...

BB king, Jimmy Ray, Hendrix...etcetera
I'm hooked on Job For A Cowboy and Killswitch Engage
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i'm hooked on Death From Above, but thats just cuz thats the kinda music my band wants to play i guess, which is cool with me, cuz i like it too
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im working on an album so im doin the closest thing to "lock yourself in the studio till its done" as i can. for the past week ive been listening to almost nothing but ben folds, jimmy eat world, bob dylan, dashboard confessional, and pink floyd
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oh and Sublime and anything with John Frusciante all...
His solo stuff, Ataxia, Mars Volta, RHCP... i love that man
Weezer and Necrophagist... what a combo
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I've been listening to too much happy power metal lately...
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Acoustic and Folk-type things, today I've been listening to Woodie Guthrie and a bit of Damien Rice.
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i'm hooked on Death From Above, but thats just cuz thats the kinda music my band wants to play i guess, which is cool with me, cuz i like it too

I remember that phase, just after my hardore punk phase, then I got into Techno and industrial (NIN, mInistry, MSTRKRFT), then metal and hard rock (RATM, Niravana) and now I'm really into prog and metal. (Mastodon, Tool, Messhugah). But even now, DFA '79 still kicks ass.

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I'm rebounding from an outlaw country phase of listening to nothing but Merle Haggard, David Allan Coe, Hank Williams Jr, Waylong Jennings and Willie Nelson

But currently I'm on a Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers kick.
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Dude, I'm going through an effing Ben Gibbard phase.
Anything and everything Ben Gibbard.
He's just...soooo good.

havent seen you in a while.

anyway, ive been listening to Damian Marley a lot the past few days.
Lately it's been Daylight Dies, X Clan, and Public Enemy.

Melodeath/doom and hip hop. Weird.
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Right now, I can't stop listening to Radiohead, From Zero, Infected Mushroom, and Bassnectar.
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A couple of weeks ago was in an Iron Maiden phase, but recently have been into My Chemical Romance and Greenday! (2 bands who i would normally turn my nose up at!!)
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I am, as usual, going through every possible phase at the same time. Yesterday I listened to Miles Davis, Smashing Pumpkins, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sly & the Family Stone, Funkadelic, and Run-DMC.

Oh yeah, eclectic as f*ck...
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at the drive in and elliott smith...serious changes of pace right there.
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Right now, lots of rap, goregrind and thrash. I also kinda feel a bit of a ska/reggae thing coming on
I can't stop listening to Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park, Saliva and a bit of Mindless Self Indulgence, so a bit of a mix.
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Hinder has been in my ears a lot recently...Army of Freshman too...been getting into Papa Roach a lot too...
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Every few weeks i go through a grunge phase, then a metal phase and then a blues phase then it strarts all over again. but the bands i listen to within thos genres vary depending on what i feel like except grunge, the bands vary alrite but i ALWAYS listen to nirvana.

Edit: I forgot to say, I am currently going through a Blues Phase. And also that my parents and in fact whole family thhink its weird that i have these random phases and that one day i can be listening to Nirvana and the next SRV or w/e.
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Prog Rock

Same, mostly Tool. And if their next album is like 10,000 Days, it won't be just a phase.
I've been in a metal/thrash phase for a fair few weeks now, MOP is just too good. But I always listen to different stuff. Like right now I'm listening to Revolution by the Beatles. Different.
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I've been going through a jazz fusion / regular ole jazz stage for a few years now
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deathstars, skindred, kanye west and the black eyed peas
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I've been listening to Charles Mingus, Estradasphere and Rachmaninoff every day the past two or three weeks.
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