Hey does anyone know any way that I can fix my playstation 2. Im trying to play final fantasy 12 ( brand new ) and it wont read the disc. it wont read any discs i try to play. Iss there any minor things i can do to it to help the performance. I heard there were massive problems like this with most Ps2's. Do i need to get a new one or is there hope?
buy a ps3 or sumin, most people wiht broken ps2's are doing that now, better in the longrun...
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ur screwed. the same thing happened to mine. it plays about 2 games and 0 DVDs.
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the same thing happened to mine a while ago from playing a scratched game so i called sony and they told me to send it to them and they sent me a new one.
That's a disc read error. There are TONS of guides to fixing it online, and I fixed mine with that exact same problem.

Ps2 disc read error fixes
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the same thing happened to mine, i just bought a new one. I'd suggest buying a new one or buying a ps3 if you've got the money

edit: after seeing what other people said above me, I realize it's not the same thing that happened to mine, so nevermind
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Buy an X-box
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That happened to me, I just got one of those discs that cleans your lens and I could play again - It pisses up now and again but I just use the disc again and my Playatation works fine again - try it.

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If nothing you find on the above link work, then you could try and go to Gamestop or EB Games and trade it in, or get them to refurbish it. It cost a little, not a ton, though.
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