My friend has this pedal called the Digitech Pedalverb (PDS 3000). Well, he has no power for it and it's really hard to find any info on this pedal (it's pretty rare).

I want to use this thing!!!!! what kind of power supply do you need? because all I can find is "10 volt DC ngative ground power supply" or people saying it's some kind of Digitech one.
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"10 volt DC ngative ground power supply" .

Look for an adapter with those specs and it should work
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it supposedly takes a 9v, but there is nothing it the battery compartment to connect it to. it's just empty. and it's not inside the pedal anywhere.
my band is here ------> myspace.com/weareattica
Have a technician fix it.

It isn't rare, it's just old.

If you can't find a shop locally (phone book - musical instrument repair) ship it off (google - digitech pedal repair). Or PM me and I'll do it. Expect a bill in the $40 - 100 range.