i recently bought a Boss ME-50 guitar multiple effects pedal in a sale at sound control for £150 (it is usually £230) and personally i think its great....but because im bored and not doing anything at the minute lol i just wanna know from anyone who has one or has used one what they think of it.
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I have one, it's alright at first, but starts to sound lame after a while, I want to sell mine.
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i like mine! i had a zoom 707ii before, and the effects kinda sounded a bit...fake?? i like the simplicity of it, that was a real selling point for me!
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they are great multi fx units but now i am lookin to sell it to buy single pedals
aye its alright, i got mine for £150 about 6 months ago so i dont think you got it at sale price, either that or sound control are robbing bastards
oh yeea i got mine for £100

i brought my zoom to the local guitar shop to get it repaired (bad connection) and th idiots lost it ! anyway they offered me a NEW 1 FOR FREE but i got £100 off the boss and its served me ever since!
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