So I was dive bombing with the zr bridge in an s470 up and down. I broke the screw, its either a screw or something that was attached on the bridge itself. The part I'm talking about is the place where the whammy bar goes in. That whole piece broke in half, so now the other half is inside the body somewhere ( I haven't taken it apart yet) and the other piece is in front of me. Its just a hole now.

And this is a rental and its due this saturday.

Should I open it up and try to fix it?
Should I just give it to long and mcquade (renting place) like it is right now?

I've gone to a music shop and they told me to fix it, I may have to replace the whole bridge but the part I broke is only like a 5 dollar part. I also bought insurance when I rented this thing, I didn't abuse the whammy bar, I was just using it like anyone normally would.

What should I do?
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your signature says you have a 470... what are you doing with a rental?

just return it, you have insurance
Exactly. That's what insurance is for. Return it.
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SO if its just the bar thats came out thats nothing its happened with me before just jam it back in, unles syou HAVE broke it. .

yeah the s470 in my sig is the rental I'm gonna take that out of my sig once my rental time is up '


the part on the left goes under the bridge, then the bridge comes, then the part on the right goes on top of the bridge then the whammy bar sticks in the part on the right.

that screw is split in half
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is it possible to just replace the screw?
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i imagine you would. but youd have to order it from ibanez. course if its insured take it back.....

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You just ruined that beautiful guitar.

You will have to order the screw from Ibanez, and I am pretty sure it will arrive AFTER saturday.
Return it for the insurance/