ok so i know what palm muting is. what my neighbor taught me is to play whatever it is im playing and just use my picking hands palm to cover the strings. its fine, but i was playing a song that has open strings palm muted and when i palm mute it, it sounds like im just regular muting. wtf?
you ahve to find the spot right next to the bridge...

it'l take a lil while to get it, but u wont lose it...just keep pracitising and try to get the perfect sound...everyonee does this...keep working on it

EDIT: you are probably too far from the bridge if its too muted...move arou d a lil
I think you're palm muting too hard. Rest the side of your hand on the bridge. You shouldn't actually use your palm.
You can't push to hard beacuse then you'll "kill" the notes, use the side of your hand and not your palm when muting.
use the fat bit on the far side of your hand and rest the bone on the bridge, making the flab go onto the strings slightly.
Hey, its how i do it!
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