I really want an Ibanez RG1570, and this little shop Igo to for lessons is going to order some S's, and I talked to the owner and he said he'd order an RG1570, just for me. Now, I've been there to et up my Squier(yeah, I know), and they completely screwed it up, like now, I get buzzez. Shouyld I buy it from this shop?
u might wanta consider another shop as if u cant trust em to set up ur current guitar what can ya trust em to do i guess, but then again it could have just been one guy who messed that up.

When i get a guitar I normally try it out in a store, see if i like the model, then get it £100+ cheeper off an online store such as dolphin music.

In fact i just ordered an RG1570 off an internet shop a few days ago and that was £100 cheeper than from the shop i tried it out at.

Hope this helped

My local GC said they dont order it very often. I'll try the guitar out first I guess